Ms. Claire Petty of the Law Office of Claire Petty in McKinney 

Ms. Petty attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, with a major in creative writing. Following an undergraduate education, Ms. Petty attended law school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. To better prepare for a legal career, she participated in moot court, mock trial, and clerked for Linda Yanez of the 13th Court of Appeals. After graduating, Ms. Petty worked for the Collin County District Attorney's office in a variety of positions. With years of hard work and experience, Ms. Petty eventually earned the title of 2nd Assistant District Attorney.


Taking the trial and negotiation skills she developed as a prosecutor, Ms. Petty eventually moved into criminal defense and open her own private practice. With a much more flexible schedule, she was able to spend more time with her family and children, one of her many hobbies. Additionally, in private practice, Ms. Petty has more time to work towards her goal of running for office as a judge. While still considering this career change in the future, one of Ms. Petty’s current roles in Collin County is her position on the Board of Directors for the Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association. With this role, she and other members can discuss legal issues in the county, share information related to criminal law, network, and advocate for a variety of different attorney groups.


Additionally, Ms. Petty has worked on a variety of significant cases in the area, many of which gained extensive media coverage. During her time as a prosecutor, Ms. Petty handled the Collin County portion of the North Dallas Rapist case. Robert Waterfield was convicted of rape and this crime earned him a life sentence. Furthermore, she has written the appeal for Jason Lowe, which is still pending. Even with little concrete evidence against him in a murder trial, Mr. Lowe was found guilty with a 50-year sentence. Finally, Ms. Petty is currently preparing for the trial of Kenneth Midgley, a Plano man charged with the murder of his father and for storing his body in a freezer.

An amazing first court observation with Ms. Petty to better understand docket and meet with a few of her current clients.

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